About us

Meet our product experience officers: Stout, a 4-year-old GSP, and Bailey, a 1-year-old rescue dog that recently joined the pack.


Hi there! Thanks for checking us out. We are a Seattle-based small startup that dreams about sustainable lifestyle.

How did we get here?

It all started with a search to find eco-friendly products not only for our pets but also for the environment. However, there were many products that were made with plastic and inaccurately labeled as "biodegradable", misleading us to purchase non-biodegradable poop bags. Confused and frustrated, we decided to take action and offer pet products ourselves that are authentically eco-friendly so that we could make the earth-caring purchase easy and confident.

We do the homework, you get what you intend to buy

We have the vision to let all pet owners feel confident about their purchases without any unexpected surprises upon delivery of the products. We bring ease for the earth-loving pet owners by eliminating the efforts they do to search the eco-friendly products by offering only eco-friendly products that carry zero waste.

Giving Back for rescue animals, one of the driving forces behind our brand

Our care for pets isn’t limited to eco-friendly, premium quality products, but we also donate on each purchase to help rescue dogs. Our motive to give back to the community by producing earth-loving products and supporting the rescue animals becomes the driving force behind everything we do.