Pawtopia, the Earth-Loving Brand

A potty break is one of the most important daily events for both you and your pets. It's a bonding time with your pups and also the first chance to catch an indicator of your pup's health and digestion. We want to make this precious moment sustainable and safe for our planet. Because we care and also know you do too. 
With our love of pets and planet, Pawtopia is committed to
1. producing only eco-friendly products
2. making the product information easy and transparent, and
3. helping to lead the change towards an eco-friendly lifestyle among pet communities. 

So, how green is the Pawtopian poop bag?

Pawtopia supports sustainable living and does not harm the environment.
The pet waste bags, made with vegetable starches, are 100% home compostable and break down into natural substances such as water, Co2, and biomass. Our bags are certified with OK Compost Industrial under EN 13432 (equivalent to ASTM6400), and OK Compost Home by Tüv Austria under AS5810/ NF T51800.

Home compostable dog poop bags are the most advanced compostability that has been recognized by multiple international official bodies (i.e. Tüv Austria).
Moreover, the other components of the product such as package box and the roll core are fully recyclable, also eco-friendly.