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Home Compostable Pet Waste Bag (240)

Home Compostable Pet Waste Bag (240)

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Qty of Bags: 240 Bags

What's inside: 16 Rolls (15 bags per roll)

Scent: Unscented

Thickness: 20 Microns thick
Product Benefits:
  • Purely environment-friendly dog poop bags (240 bags | 16 rolls): Pawtopia supports sustainable living and does not harm the environment. The pet waste bags, made with vegetable starches, are 100% home compostable and break down into natural substances such as water, Co2, and biomass. Our bags are certified with OK Compost Industrial under EN 13432 (equivalent to ASTM6400), and OK Compost Home by Tüv Austria under AS5810/ NF T51800.
    Note: When composting at home, do not use the compost on your food crops.

  • Zero-waste, better tomorrow: In addition to our biodegradable dog poop bags, Pawtopia’s packaging box and roll cores are also fully recyclable.

  • 20 microns thick makes the difference: Pawtopia dog poop bags are extra-thick. Designed to be 100% leak-proof, the solid construction of our bags locks the odor away, even while on the go. With Pawtopia, your walks will be pleasant without any unexpected, nasty surprises.

  • Standard-sized poop bags for most purposes: Our biodegradable dog poop bags come in a standard size of 9x13 inches that fit standard leash dispensers. The optimal size of the bag is good for all purposes including small pups, large dogs, cat litter, and even food compost.

  • Easy-to separate, easy-to-open: Nothing is worse than getting stuck with separating and opening the dog poop bags when you need them. Our biodegradable dog poop bags separate easily and open swiftly when the time comes.

  • Giving back: Pawtopia is committed to donating a portion of profits to rescue organizations. Moreover, we are also actively involved to raise awareness and support the adoption process for rescue animals.

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